Getting a financial review for your business sounds much like the annual trip to the dentist – painful and expensive: but not necessarily so. An independent review of your financial status as a business is an excellent starting assessment to future growth and development of your entire business. As any Business Coach will tell you, “If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed”

Financial review by EM-Solutions

So what is a Review Engagement?

For larger companies an annual financial audit is a legal requirement, for slightly smaller firms a review engagement, as guided by the International Standard on Review Engagements 2400, is compulsory. This includes:

  • Conduct adequate investigation of your paperwork and financial records
  • Establish if anything has been done incorrectly
  • Arrive at a conclusion on the financial statements as to whether they are legally compliant.

This can be as unpleasant as the Dentist, but essential for compliance.

But what about smaller firms that are forging ahead in what seems to be the ever increasing gale of issues and economic whirlwinds? A Financial Review could be the solid platform you need to launch your future strategy from to secure that all important loan or partnership agreement. This would save your company the costs involved in obtaining an audit but would still provide the bank or partners with sufficient assurance on your Annual Financial Statements.

Our team of qualified and certified practitioners is able to conduct a full review, offer Financial Management and Business Advice together with our Business Coaching and Marketing strategies will put your business in good standing for future sustainability.

So, do not put this off as you may do the Dentist. Contact us today to set up a non-obligation chat with our Finance team. It could be just what your future requires.