A good marketer knows to adjusts to the ever-changing terrain of marketing without losing sight of what needs to be done to get people’s attention. Marketing is no longer a numbers game, but it remains a funnel. We are going to take you through the key steps that you can use to drive people down your sales funnel. The five below steps are pretty much straight forward and practical:


1. Contacts

Part of the marketing process is to make contact with the potential clients. Where ever you go, make sure to engage with people so that you can create contacts.

2. Categorize

Categorize people accordingly. Not everyone is a potential clients, but you need theses people because they might know someone who is a potential client, so you must be able to identify those and categorize them accordingly. Another category of people is those that can be customers but are not sure and ready yet. The last category is the hot customers. These are the customers that you must have immediately! They are ready, they know their needs and need your services. Sign them up today.

3. Clarify

Clarify your contacts. Make your contact details clear and what you offer clear to your clients. Send them your information. Clarify their needs that your company can meet.

4. Convert

Converting can be a lengthy process depending on what your organizations is doing. You can’t magically make it happen. You have to work on and be strategic about it. Encourage those visiting customers to engage with you on the various social platforms, the most prominent being Facebook or website.

5. Conversations

Building relations with your clients is key in marketing. It could be over lunch, via emails or wherever, make a plan to capitalize on the conversation that has been started by your client.

Watch the video on the sales funnel below: