A lot has been written about the attributions of sales cycle. It really is a simple  step by step process.

Here are the 5 steps of the sales cycle:

1. Inform

You’ve got to inform your customers about your product. Inform them that they have a problem. inform them that they need it. create awareness.

2. Educate

People need to be educated before you can call them potential client. Educate them about your product or your service offering. How does your product solve their problem? Educate them about how it works, where it works. Do some educating marketing.

3. Sell

Don’t jump into selling unless you’ve informed and educated. Do selling campaigning.

4. Re – selling

Remember it’s 10 times easier to re-sell to an existing client than to sell to a completely new one. Re-sell should be your strategic part of your marketing.

5. up-selling

This is about the other complementary services around your product or service offering. What else can you plug in to the initial product.