Entrepreneurship FormulasJust like a jigsaw puzzle, the success of any small or medium-sized business is ultimately the product of a number of pieces falling perfectly into place. Successful businesses have some building blocks on which they hinge – and these include dedicated execution of numerous key factors.

These factors are not the be-all and the end-all of business success, but key among them are a distinctly enunciated clear mission, proper goal setting and measuring progress toward those goals, and then resolving the inevitable conflicts that arise.

Well, there isn’t really any definitive formula for the success of small businesses – this is a combination of various things that can bring you success. Some of them include experience twinned with hard work (Hard Work + Experience).

Below are the first three of our many not-really magical entrepreneur formulas that we’ve come up with:

Offering + Gap = Niche

 Purpose + Clutter = Focus

 Exercise + Attitude = Wellness

As time goes by, we are going to talk about these formulas one by one to see what they really mean and how they can be optimized for the success of a business.