Carl Bates writes in his book The Laws of Extreme Business Success about the 12 laws of business success. The last but never the least law take focus onto the issues of both management and staff. This law speaks to the levels of engagement of each during their time at work. Research tells us that less than 60% of people working in corporate America are engaged in their jobs. This has a lot to do with what they are caring around with them emotionally during the day. The law states:

Extreme business success recognises that you can only move forward when you have resolved or released the baggage of the past. This baggage can take the form of unresolved or hidden issues with people and associates, old ways of doing things that no longer apply, outdated ways of thinking or incomplete actions that prevent both you and your business from moving forward. Brining these issues to light and resolving them in effective ways will empower both you and your business to step up to the next level of success.

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