Range Rover Self Driving Car

Watch A Remote Control Range Rover Sport demonstrate how a driver could drive the vehicle from outside the car via their smartphone. The smartphone app includes control of steering, accelerator and brakes as well as changing from high and low range.

An experimental app lets you drive this Range Rover via your smartphone’s touchscreen, and live out your James Bond dreams.

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Tesla announce their entry into the trucking sector

Tesla, the worlds best innovation company, launched their latest toy for transport, the Tesla Semi. A fully electric truck that seems to outperform any diesel truck in the same class in safety, expense and performance. If this is what we can expect from electric trucks in the future, we could begin to see a huge drop in road accidents and breakdowns in the near future.

Watch the event here: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/tesla-semi

If you watch to the end of the 9 minutes, you will also see their launch of the latest roadster: the fastest production road car EVER.

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Beth Schmidt Founder and Executive Director Wishbone

Beth Schmidt is the founder and Executive Director of Wishbone. Wishbone is a scalable web platform that links at-risk high school students with the online donor community to fund their educational dreams.

These opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities help them identify and pursue their passions and career goals.

This video is produced by Kauffman Foundation for Khan Academy.


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A conversation with Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg

Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg are co-authors of their new book ”How Google Works”. Eric is Googles’s Executive Chairman and former chief executive officer. He joined the company in 2001, and he has helped Google grow from Silicon Valley start-up to a global technology leader.

Jonathan serves as an advisor to Google CEO, Larry Page. He joined the company in 2002 and managed the design and development of Google’s consumer, advertiser, partner products including search, As, Gmail, Android and Chrome.

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Drew Houston – CEO and Founder of Dropbox

Drew Houston is an America based Internet entrepreneur who is best known to be the CEO and founder of Dropbox. By age 24, he had worked in a number of startup businesses and had even founded one. Dropbox is an online file sharing service which Drew launched in 2007 with Arash Ferdowsi, his MIT classmate. In addition to the service being used by individual users, Dropbox has welcomed 150,000 company signups too till date.
 Dropbox is a personal cloud storage service (sometimes referred to as an online backup service) that is frequently used for file sharing and collaboration.  The Dropbox application is available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux desktop operating systems. There are also apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices.

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Sean O’Sullivan – Founder of SOSventures

Sean O’Sullivan – Founder of SOSventures. He is a technology pioneer. Runs Avego, a world-leading transportation software company headquartered in Cork, and operating globally while investing millions in the startup business.

Innovation startup from every corner of the globe. Over the past 20years, they have invested in over 400 companies. The portfolio includes companies in global software, food technology, connected hardware and Biotechnology and transportation. 90% of the investment activity through our accelerator programs and related ecosystem investments.

This video is an extract from Khan Academy:

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Scott Cook – Founder of the Executive Committee, Intuit

This video is an extract from Khan Academy Scott Cook Founder and Chairman of the Executive Committee, Intuit.

Scott Cook was born and raised in a suburb of L.A. after his parents emigrated from Wisconsin. He attended the University of Southern California, then Harvard Business School. Scott started his career at P&G in Cincinnati in brand management, where he met his future wife Signe Ostby when seeking advice from other brand groups. Though Intuit struggled in its early years, with VCs refusing to invest, the business eventually improved. Scott is still at Intuit today and has learned to love tax season. He funds social entrepreneurs catalyzing global leaps in education and medical research. He resides in Woodside, California.

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Reid Hoffman- Founder of Linkedin

Reid Hoffman is known for saying that an Entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on his way down.

You should never be too determined about what you’re going to be, your life plans change as you go. Reid Hoffman also went on to say he worked better off in a smaller environment.

This video is an extract from Khan Academy keynote speech about how in late 2002, Reid recruits a team of old colleagues from SocialNet and PayPal to work on a new idea. Six months later, LinkedIn launches. Growth is slow at first—as few as 20 signups on some days—but, by the fall, it shows enough promise to attract an investment from Sequoia Capital.

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The Science of Today is the Technology of Tomorrow

The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense, it is all about potential.

If you think of the future, you want a future that’s better than the past.

This video is an extract from Khan Academy keynote speech on launching rockets, electric cars, revolutionizing transportation.

Elon Musk is the founder CEO and lead designer at Space Exploration Technologies (Space), where he oversees the development and manufacturing of advanced rockets and spacecraft for missions to and beyond Earth orbit.

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