Success Snap Shot of 2018

As we begin the journey into another year, we are prepping our team and tools to be ready and ahead of the game plan to bring you the necessary coaching and leadership you would expect from your business strategic coaching partner.

So what does 2018 look like? Your guess is as good as anyone else’s, but there are a few indicators that we are looking at to help understand the trends for the next 12 months. We will be keeping a close eye on these to watch for new developments in each area.

We will unpack some of these during this next week, but here is a short summary of some of them:

Health – We will see a huge leap forward on gene editing and anti-ageing moving into human trials. Also, polio and Diabetes type 1 will see new vaccines.

Space – If all goes well, we will see three countries get to the moon, asteroid exploration and two deep space missions launched to Mars and Mercury

Electric Cars – We will see the commercial rollout of new brands and mass production of electric cars

Fintech – Bitcoin and cryptocurrency will keep us entertained but watch out for AI as it drives investment management: good or bad, we will have to see

Environment – Icebergs, water, climate change and the debate will continue. The deep drilling through the earth’s crust will start once a safe location is chosen from three proposed sites

More on these in later posts.

We have also developed a new formula for success for 2018. This based on research and the above trends and developments. This formula we will be using to unpack our tools over the next quarter for both ourselves and our clients.

So here it is 2018 success = RI2

Welcome to the new year. We trust that it will be a success as we work together.

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Launch of the Innovation Initiative Forum

The Cape Chamber of Commerce invites you to the launch of our Innovation Initiative Forum.


To develop and support entrepreneurial businesses with an innovative product or service, from initial idea through to sustainability of an inclusive ecosystem.

To assist entrepreneurs in both the development of their innovative product or service and the development of the legal entity to house the product or service, from start to sustainability.
To build a network of stakeholders necessary to create an environment of entrepreneur incubation, development and support.
To raise global awareness of the uniqueness and specific challenges facing South African entrepreneurs.
To establish and manage a grant fund to assist in these processes.
Guest Speaker: Professor Gary Atkinson-Hope

Professor Gary Atkinson-Hope is a retired Professor with many years of academic and invention/innovation experience. He has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and a B Proc Law degree, specialized qualifications in Intellectual Property and is a Registered Technology Transfer Professional. He is the Founder and Managing Director of TECHIPI, a company focusing on Technology, Intellectual Property and Innovation, which provides consulting, mentoring, training and advisory roles.
A light lunch will be served.


Thursday, 09 November 2017

Council Chamber
4th Floor
Cape Chamber of Commerce
33 Martin Hammerschlag Way
Cape Town


• Register now
021 402 4300
Linda Roopen

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Narrative Business Strategies – telling your story

Over the last 2 months, we have dissected and digested the methodology of storytelling in a business. Through this process, we have created a deck of story cards that are used in our workshops and can be used together with our workbooks and business strategy worksheets to develop a fully functional and sustainable business plan.

We also unpacked the joy of telling marketing stories and making what is traditionally boring stories come to life and invoke emotion and intrigue leading to better referrals and a wider online footprint for your business.

Please review the last of these webinars (just 28 minutes) in the video below and follow the links to the other webinars on our community page in the series if you missed them:

Narrative business strategy workshops are run at our venue in Woodstock, Cape Town or online via Skype or Expertise. We deal with helping business owners develop a narrative approach to their business development and planning as well as create well defined functional sales funnel and marketing strategy. Through this process, we work through our business development roadmap and identify gaps, assumptions and develop a risk mitigation strategy as we go.

If you are interested in starting or growing a business then please give us a call or complete the form HERE and we will be in contact with you.

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Innovation is both expensive and frustrating

We get a lot of people knocking on our doors asking for help to take their ideas to market and make then a truck load of money. Mostly by this time they have already spent a fortune on their new idea and come with cap in hand begging for some advice to get them to the next stage.

Here is some advice we offer them:

Come sooner rather than later: we know where it is that you need to spend money and where you can save a whole bunch. It is what we do.

Know the problem you are trying to solve: you will need to have done a full research assessment into the problem you are trying to solve and into the product you are trying to develop. It is a waste of time just reinventing the wheel that someone else has done before. If we find a similar business or product we cannot help you with the development of yours unless it is unique or very different.

Keep your ideas secret: Once you have made your ideas public, it becomes very difficult to register any form of IP. Anyone you work with or share your ideas with needs to sign and adhere to a Non-Disclosure Agreement. We have an Engagement agreement we sign with all our clients, this covers the NDA, work for hire and IP transfer and our fees. Be very careful who you talk to.

Develop your networks: It is very difficult, if not impossible to develop an idea and get it to market on your own: you will need a good team that adds value to your business and product development cycle.

Be aware of scams: the web is full of getting rich with your invention scams. Never trust anyone who demands fees up front or offers riches in exchange for your idea. In reality, it is a long and often expensive road to your first payment. We will navigate this with you and tell you truthfully if it is not worth perusing or ready to market.

With all this in mind, we recommend that you engage with us as soon as you have that idea, we can advise you on the best way forward and who to talk to from 3D printers, mouldings, IP issues, Business development and saving money.

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