Exploit Yourself may seem a little extreme. Some people even argue that it is not politically correct to use this term with so much exploitation happening in the world. But I think it is. And when it comes to becoming a good speaker and networker, taking yourself to your limits is exactly what you need to do. You need to exploit yourself and push yourself into places of discomfort, and sometimes pain, to get to do things you need to do. Growth only happens outside your area of comfort, for if you only continue to do the things you have done in the past, then where is the room for new experiences and growth?
This book is about how to become a better networker and public speaker. If you have come to this book, it is perhaps true that these are areas of great discomfort for you. So I challenge you to read this entire book. It will give you critical advice and introduce you to crucial principles that if followed and adopted will make you a better networker and public speaker. Underline sections that talk to you. Try out the various activities and push yourself to do things you have not done before. Stand up and introduce yourself to people you do not know. Boldly go where you have not been before: it is not as bad as you think – in fact, it becomes fun. Trust me on this.

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