Starting and managing a business is hard and often lonely work. It requires many hours of dedication to the finer details as well as taking time for the helicopter strategy tasks just to keep the boat afloat and moving in the right direction. Having a business coach and mentors is first prize during this stage, but finances often do not allow for this additional expense.

Like any computer game, having a cheat code to skip some element of difficulty gives the player an advantage over the others assisting them to gain ground ahead of their competitors. Cheat codes come in many forms in games and in real life. But unfortunately, in real life, skipping steps often result in a disadvantage, not an advantage. But having a cheat sheet to fast track and simplify a process gives you both the advantage and the simplicity of leaping ahead in bounds without having to redo or slow down.

This book contains six cheat sheets and four business tools that will assist you in developing a faster better and smarter business strategy giving you the unfair advantage for your business.