Marketing your business, brands, products and services is not just about the 4P’s anymore. The market has evolved into a sophisticated web of wider choices, more informed buyers and complex relationships. Today it is more about the activity within your conversation cloud, customer opinion and reviews and the length of your link-chains.
Targeting your brand offering to the right audience at the right time with the right price in the right way and get the convenience and experience right seems almost impossible. This for the average business owner is not something you want to tackle alone and hope to get right.

We offer the following:

Marketing Strategy Coaching

If workshops are not for you then Marketing strategy coaching is available as a one-on-one option to walk through all the different aspects of marketing and strategy development for your brand. Complete the form on this page and we will contact you for an appointment.

Marketing Strategy Workshops

We run a range of regularly updated and relevant workshops for you and your team. These are run on a regular cycle or on-demand.

Introduction to Strategic Marketing – A half session that brings you up to speed with what the latest trends are in marketing and how to reposition your brand and products in the market-place.  Click for more…

Developing a Brand Strategy – This full day workshop walks through the different tools required to move your marketing in line with new trends. You walk away with a completed marketing campaign and a working knowledge of how it all works. Click for more…

Blue Water Strategies – Take your business into the blue-water and experiential sector where price becomes almost irrelevant in the sales process. Click for more…

Narrative Marketing – Turn your brand into captivation stories that will attract and influence your target customer segment. This highly emotional workshop will reframe your brand ready for the future. Click for more…

Social Media Strategy

Positioning your business into the online space can be tricky. This ever changing environment has many different rules and strategies. Get them wrong and your brand could be on the blacklist of where you wanted to thrive.

We offer different workshops and sessions through our network of social media experts to assist you in the setup and campaign management of your brand on the following platforms:

  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • SnapChat
  • Instagram
  • Google +

Social Media Campaign Management

Knowing how to manage an online campaign with clicks, links and likes all related to keywords, adwords and conversation clouds all need an expert guide. We will show you the ropes to allow you to do this yourself or develop and manage your entire campaign for you. Complete the form on this page and we will contact you for an appointment.


Our fully equipped in-house video studio and editing service include green-screen, animation, video scribe and screen casting. We can develop a range of marketing, explainer or teaching videos for your brand. Read more about this offer

If you still doubt the power of business coaching, read what others have to say:

I feel that what Bruce is doing has tremendous in the market place and is exactly what SA economy needs. Now if only the govt and the banks would back endeavours like these up with finances.
Peter Holmes, My Work Law
Thanks for a great service over the years…it has been life changing!
Robin Buck, Fitness Boot Camp







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