Platinum Coaching Solutions

Our Platinum Solution is for you if you are serious about your business development and need some assistance in getthing things done.

A Platinum Project is a deep dive into one of the 7 business areas covered in the Gold Solution. Based on either a comprehensive assessment or the outcome of a Gold cycle, it may be determined that a more intensive intervention is required. This could include assistance with the implementation of the strategy agreed in a Gold cycle, education and change management, or additional expertise and management consulting support.

The process for a Platinum Project may include:

  • Refining or defining the strategy for the project or business area
  • Designing the project by identifying the required actions and timeframes
  • Developing the necessary tools, models or templates
  • Providing education, training and implementation support to the relevant staff
  • Reviewing the outcomes and process and tweaking the project as necessary

The team involved in the project would include the business owner, senior management and any other staff members who are relevant to the successful implementation of the required changes. The timeframe for the project may vary from a few hours over a month to many hours spread over a year. The agreed cost for the project is dependant on the level of expertise required, the amount of time needed, and whether relevant templates are available and customisable.

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