Many organisations reach a point where they realise that grant funding, donations and investment income will be inadequate in the future to sustain the organisation or cover the cost of growth initiatives. This is when it becomes evident that the organisation will need to actively engage in an income generating activity to make unrestricted profit for the organisation’s benefit. Does this sound like you? 

Income generating activities can be passive, such as interest or dividends on investments. However, what we refer to as income generating activities are the active steps taken to charge for services or products in order to make a profit, no matter how small or incidental the amounts may be. 

Typically, income generating activities fall into 3 categories: 

  1. Charging for existing activities
  2.  Creating a business for the beneficiaries as a means of outworking the organisation’s objective 
  3. Starting a new business to make a profit for the organisation

EM Solutions’ Business Design and Development service assists your organisation in deciding what category of income generating activity best suits your organisation, shifting your mindset to be more business focused, establishing what business idea is most likely to be successful in your context, and documenting a detailed plan of implementation to ensure your business becomes profitable.  

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The Business Design and Development service is made up of 4 components, each costed and implemented seperatley, allowing for clear go/no-go decisions at the end of each phase: 

  1. Viability Assessment – is your organisation and the current environment viable for a business?  
  2. Business Concept Identification & Design – selecting a business concept and turning into a proposed business.
  3. Business Strategy Development   – developing a full business plan and financla projections
  4. Project Implementation – taking all the great ideas through to implementation and sustainability

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