WindTunnel Phase 3: Viability

The third phase of the Wind Tunnel is the Product Offering Viability. During this phase, we validate the initial product offering by taking it apart to understand its components and then holding up to the current market using a number of tools to see how it would fair if launched.

We do not expect your product to be in any way complete or even developed at this stage. If you have some form of example, Proof of Concept or prototype then we will use what you have, but we do expect a number of iterations and changes to happen during this phase, so please do not get too attached to your current plans.

This process can be broken down into the following categories:

Product Proposal: A simple and basic description of what you currently have moving into as much detail as we can at this stage.  This research is categorised into different heading to create a very clear description of the product and the expectations of how it will function. Simple wire-frames or sketches could be included if available.

List of Components: The product offering is broken down to its simplest components and each one described using originality, source, availability etc. This gives a clear indication of the initial supply chain and development required when the product is developed or manufactured.

Product Market Research: Using a number of well know business research tools we begin to look at the viability of your product in the current market. This process gives us a good indication of any identified Risks and Opportunities that need to be attended to in further stages of development.

Branding Proposal: This is not required at this stage but we think it important to begin to put some form of identity into your product idea. We look at some ideas for names, colours and slogans to develop a product story: all with your input.

Conclusion: we wrap up the report with some recommendations and a summary of our findings. This gives you a clear action plan to take your product idea to the next level.

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To request your Viability Report, please complete the form below, pay (R2250) and we will send you a template to be completed to allow us to conduct the online research and compile your report.

Wind Tunnel Viability