WindTunnel Phase 2: Research

One of the most critical phases of Innovation must be the online research task of Problem Clarification.

Clarifying your identified problem in the WindTunnel is the fastest way to understanding the target market you will be gong after later in the product development phases. The problem is the reason you are developing your product. This research report unpacks the different facets of the market using a number of tools and techniques commonly found in business schools around the world.

The report covers the following aspects:

Problem identification and clarification: A series of online search tools are used to identify the scope of the problem together with case studies and examples. A series of suggested online surveys are included that can be used for further validation.

Stakeholder mapping: The different people groups who are affected by the problem are identified and mapped onto a Stakeholder relationship map together with their identifying attributes.

Research Recommendations: The report concludes with a number of recommendations and required actions needed to finalise this phase of the process.

best and fastest way to get good honest feedback before you proceed any further on development. Wind Tunneling is a simple way to do an initial feedback test on a new idea, concept or product to ensure that you are on the right track and moving in the right direction.

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