Business Strategy Coaching is essential for both personal and organisational growth.

Acquiring the services of a coach is different from staff members or consultants. Coaches do not do the work for you, they advise, guide and direct you within the framework of your business.

Typically coaching sessions are held at our offices in Cape Town but can be done at alternate venues or via Skype for outlying businesses.

All new coaching seasons start with an initial assessment period and goal setting. These map out a strategic roadmap that identifies gaps, opportunities and threats that need to be addressed. Goals and actions are then set and reviewed every 4 months.

Each coaching sessions held thereafter follows a clear agenda with a focused topic followed by a review of your Business DashBoard and general discussion.

Focused topics cycle through the following:

  • Business and Personal Growth Strategy
  • Risk Identification & Mitigation
  • Financial Management Support
  • Goal Review and Accountability

The level of Financial Management Support depends on the current activity of your business and the level that you require. For more on what this covered CLICK HERE.

Your Business DashBoard includes key figures and issues related to the strategic management of your business. This is populated prior to each meeting and used as a management tool to identify trends, threats and opportunities.

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If you still doubt the power of business coaching, read what others have to say:

I feel that what Bruce is doing has tremendous in the market place and is exactly what SA economy needs. Now if only the govt and the banks would back endeavours like these up with finances.
Peter Holmes, My Work Law
Thanks for a great service over the years…it has been life changing!
Robin Buck, Fitness Boot Camp







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